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This Personal Data Policies section governs and informs about the manner in which USI collects, uses, maintains and discloses personal data and information, both in manual and digital form, received by Middle East Mediterranean (MEM) Summit submitters and participants (each, a “Participant”).

At the end of the section we will ask for the explicit consensus of each Participant.

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The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines on the processing of personal data by USI - Università della Svizzera italiana in the organization and management of the MEM Summit (Mediterranean and Middle East Summit).


Data Controller

Data controller: USI Università della Svizzera italiana, statuatory seat in Via Buffi 13, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland.


The Data Controller may be contacted by writing to the office address, by calling +41 58 666 40 00 or by emailing:


The data protection team can be contacted directly at:


Purpose of processing, justification, data types, and retention period

The provision of data is mandatory. Refusal to provide such data will result in the inability to evaluate and select participants, thereby making it impossible to complete registration for the event and thus participate. The processing of personal data, in compliance with the relevant regulatory context for personal data protection, is limited to what is strictly necessary for the purposes indicated.


Purpose of the data processing


Type of data

Retention period

Data collection and selection for event participation

Service provision

Personal data, CV, identification documents, phone number, email address

1 month after the event ends

Event registration and communication sending (updates, programs, related information)

Service provision

Personal and contact data including: name, surname, phone number, function, email address

1 month after the event ends

Management of bookings related to event participation (e.g., flights, hotels, various scheduled activities)

Service provision

Copy of passport; Communication of dietary intolerances or requirements

1 month after the event ends

Administrative procedures related to event participation such as visa requests (communication with the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs, State Secretariat for Migration, Swiss embassies, federal and cantonal police)

Service provision

Personal data, copy of passport, email address

1 month after the event ends

Communication about events

Implicit consent

Name, surname, email address

Until consent is revoked

Sharing of contact details with other participants to facilitate networking

Implicit consent

Name, surname, email address

Until consent is revoked

Collecting feedback and evaluations of the event attended

Implicit consent

Usually anonymous, but possibly includes email, possibly name and surname

Until consent is revoked

Management of refunds and compensations

Legal obligation

Name, surname, IBAN, bank account number, credit card number

In compliance with legal retention obligations for tax purposes or as otherwise provided by law.

Dissemination of recordings, photos/videos made during the event at the data controller's premises. The images are distributed to promote the event organized by the data controller, for example on the website, social media pages, and transmission to interested media (online and offline)

Implicit consent (informative sign before accessing the event)

Group photos of event participants, photos on stage, photos of speakers

Until consent is revoked, the Data Controller may use the material covered by the same.

Publication of photos, videos, audio, and additional materials provided by speakers for educational and promotional activities

Explicit consent (release form)

External speakers

Until consent is revoked, the Data Controller may use the material covered by the same.



Data recipients

The personal data provided will be processed by employees or collaborators of the Data Controller who work under the latter's direct authority and receive adequate training and operational instructions in this regard.


The data will be processed by academic, intermediate, and service staff in relation to various activities specified by the relevant processing operations.
USI may also need to disclose the personal data provided to fulfill its legal obligations, in response to a request from a judicial or administrative authority, or in the context of legal proceedings.


Personal data may also be disclosed to public authorities or private entities at which teaching or research activities or internships related to the chosen study path may take place.


Regarding the transfer of data abroad, the principle is that the data are not transmitted outside Switzerland. At the same time, should the transfer of data abroad for the processing of personal data described above be deemed necessary, USI has the right to proceed in this regard. In this event, the Data Controller guarantees that the transfer of data abroad will take place in compliance with applicable regulations, committing to ensuring an adequate level of protection if necessary.


Data subject's rights

By way of example and without limitation, USI grants its data subjects the following rights:


1.     to obtain the rectification of inaccurate or outdated personal data, to revoke previously given consent to the processing of data, to prevent the disclosure to third parties of personal data worthy of special protection;

2.     to obtain information in writing and free of charge concerning the personal data being processed;

3.     to obtain delivery of personal data or demand that they be transmitted to third parties;

4.     to request that their personal data be stopped from being processed, disclosed to third parties, rectified or destroyed;

5.     to request that a certain processing of personal data be stopped, that a certain disclosure of personal data to third parties be prohibited, or that personal data be erased or destroyed;

6.     to contact the cantonal representative if disagreeing with USI's data handling (


The data subjects can typically exercise their rights free of charge unless the burden is disproportionate.

It should be noted that USI reserves the right to assert restrictions provided by law, e.g. when it is obliged to store or process certain data, when required by overriding public or private interests.


To exercise the above rights, please write to



Last update: 08.06.2024